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What Pro Players & NCAA Coaches Say

"I spent four days in a gym with Setter College staff and the knowledge, attention to detail, and court leadership jumped out at me. I would send my setters to Setter College with no hesitation. Definitely going to gain more than you pay for."
- Dain Blanton, 2000 Olympic Gold Medalist, NCAA Champion, 1994 All-American at Pepperdine University
"I feel confident recommending Setter College to players of all levels, including aspiring professionals. Player growth is a guarantee based on the passion put into the setters program."
- Justine Wong-Orantes, USA Women's National Team, 2015 NCAA Champion
“Digesting hours and days of thought of process and technique from those who’ve continuously won at the international, college and youth level, I don’t see a scenario where your setter does not leave with unquantifiable value.”
Sam Shweisky, Head Coach, Princeton Men's Volleyball
“Coaches and players from everywhere need to take notes from this program. In order to be the best you must learn from the best; and a National Champion like Chris Austin knows what it takes to be the best. Come hungry.” 
- Terri Del Conte, Head Coach, Missouri State Womens, AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Player
“I personally don’t believe there is a better  place that you could send your setter. International game, college, club, high school, youth...doesn’t matter.  Setter College is able to pull a player in, maximize their potential and teach it in a way that they can understand.  It’s worth every dollar spent.  You will get results, for sure!  
- Carl Henkel, 1996 Olympian, 1989 NCAA Champion, 1991 All American at UCLA
“Throughout my volleyball career, I have always wondered what differentiated the good athletes from the great.  While work ethic, dedication, commitment to the mental game,and physical  preparation all come to mind and are extremely important, I believe another factor has helped me the most.  My differentiator has been to surround myself with people that I believe truly know the game better than myself.  The ability to see the sport at a meticulous level and be able to correctly identify and transcribe minute, yet important details to players, is a rarity that all the best coaches seem to have.  I share this because after playing with Setter College over the years, I have identified that it is one of the few programs who teach the game at the highest level.  I am a better player because of my experiences  with Setter College.  As a profesional athlete who has played with and against some of the best players in the world, I value what this program has to offer.”
- Michael Saeta, USA Mens Pan American Team, Professional Setter in France


“The training at Setter College advanced both my physical and mental skills.  Not only did I learn to set better balls, but learned in game strategies to help my teammates and I win at the highest level.  I finished each training feeling more confident in my hands and my ability to run an offense.”
- Ryan Bahadursingh, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
"Setter College’s detail-oriented approach towards coaching changed the game of volleyball for me. Often times coaches focus on the physical prowess of an athlete, but under their instruction, I developed a mental side for the sport that allowed me to overcome adversity and physical tiredness. The program being led by a two time national champion himself, Chris instills a desire for success in his players and I harness that mentality while playing at a collegiate level.”
“Setter College was the most beneficial camp I’ve ever attended; it helped me become a better leader on and off the court, I learned new drills to work on at home and in the gym, and it helped me develop my volleyball skills at the next level.”
- Lane Valley, UNIVERSITY OF LAVERNE, La Verne, CA
“Setter College trains your whole skill set and   understands the technical skills needed to excel as a competitive player.  As a setter, you need to under- stand the game and how each part works.  After working with Setter College for 2 years, I was able to compete at the highest level in high school and college.”
- Current Big West Conference player


““Our oldest boy played Setter at UC San Diego. He couldn't have made that happen without the gains he took away from Setter College. The commitment and attention to detail in the game are unlike anything I've seen elsewhere. Setter College transforms Setters physically, mentally, and as leaders to reach their highest potential. We put our girl through the program, and she now plays college beach volleyball at St. Mary's College. Our youngest boy is next!"
- Glen/Tiffany Kendrick, ANAHEIM, CA
“Our son attended Setter College for five straight summers.   Each year he continued to build on lessons from previous summers. He went from a 14-year old who just wanted to play some volleyball to someone who gained a better understanding of the game he loved. Setter College provided a solid foundation that no doubt helped our son/earn a starting spot on the USA Volleyball Men’s Junior National Team. The skills he learned continue to propel him forward as an integral member of the BYU Men’s Volleyball team. Our investment in Setter College was well worth it!”
- Bel Faagata, PROVO, UT
““There's not a program and exposure of knowledge to the game like this anywhere. Setter College awakened my son's ability to lead and manage a court full of other great players.   The experience gained from Setters College leadership and guidance is top notch, which greatly helped lead the way to performing at a top level in the three straight NCAA Final Fours and two National Championship matches.  We chose to work with Setter College early on in my son's volleyball career, and to continue to spend our summers training all throughout high school and college."
- Dena Sikes, DANA POINT, CA
““I've gotten to watch Setter College for four summers transform setter after setter into next level players and leaders. My son plays setter at Stanford University and my daughter is coming up through the setting pipeline now. The attention to detail and ability to take players out of their comfort zone and create court generals is amazing. I recommend registering for the Setter College experience as soon as possible."
-Yvette Tufuga, COSTA MESA, CA
“"We brought our daughter, Lane,  to California (from Michigan) to train with Setter College because we heard great things about the program.  Our daughter had already trained hundreds of hours at the famous setter camps at Sports Performance and had individual training from All-Big 10 setters.  Setter College MORE than added to her existing knowledge and skills.  Setter College teaches the game on a  level that is "one-of-a-kind"!  They were teaching Lane concepts of the game from a very unique perspective, during and after the drill training.  We found their teaching, training and program to be challenging and  very beneficial.  Well worth the investment of our time and money to travel all the way to California!"  
- Marty Valley, HASLETT, MI
“Our daughter, Elizabeth, came into the Setter College during her 11th grade year.  There was more technical and situational knowledge thrown at her than she had ever gone through in club or high school previously.   Soon after, she ended up on the medal stand at Junior Nationals with a Bronze!  The information and the results that follow are well worth the cost to attend.”
- Marilou Steubs