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We are happy to offer Setter College and National Champ Volleyball clinics for school teams, club programs, and youth organizations around the United States and throughout the world.

Setter College Clinics

At a Setter College clinic, our director will lead your players and coaches through a multitude of on-court techniques and practice drills for setters and aspiring court leaders, as well as the full mental makeup of a championship achieving volleyball leader. These clinics are offered year-round.

National Champ Volleyball CLinics

At a National Champ Volleyball clinic, our lead coaches will direct your players, coaches, and staff in a full camp and all position experience of learning the techniques and in-match habits of championships teams at every level. Your players will learn strictly from coaches who have championship experience. You may also have a "Technique School" done for the day preceding the camp, in which players will be taken through step by step technical instructions to create the most efficient and most successful results. These clinics are offer year-round.

Clinic Duration

Clinics may be held over a 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 day period. Each day consists of court sessions, classroom sessions, and video sessions.

Clinic Course Curriculum 

We will work directly with the clinic host to decide which clinic focuses best suit the program. Below are some of the topics usually covered:

  • National Champ Volleyball Camp
  • Technique School
  • The Ultimate Leader
  • Making Mental Toughness
  • Triple Threat Attacking
  • Attacking the Defense
  • Defending the Offense
  • Best Version Of Yourself Volleyball

Clinic Host Requirements

  1. One full court per 18-21 athletes in attendance
  2. A classroom or theater with seating for all

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