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About the Program

Our original mission was to help all of the athletes, who want to pursue their goals, be able to make that goal pursuit a reality. The majority of our athletes who have applied for financial assistance have received some form of assistance. To be considered for financial assistance, please complete the application form below. Gathering the information below before beginning to complete the application is recommended

  1. A detailed summary outlining your financial need.
  2. A letter of reference from the athlete’s coach, teacher, or mentor.
  3. A one- to two-paragraph summary of why the athlete wants to attend Setter College and a one-to-two paragraph summary of what the athlete commits to bringing to their Setter College experience.


Part 1: letter of recommendation

Copy & Paste with space between paragraphs or email the file.

Part 2: Your information

Athlete's Name *
Athlete's Name
Athlete's Home Address *
Athlete's Home Address
Contact Phone Number *
Contact Phone Number
Has this athlete attended a Setter College course before? *

Part 3: Course Details

Which course(s) are you requesting financial assistance for? *
Please provide a summary of what you commit to bringing to your Setter College experience, and how will the course improve because you are present?
Please provide a detailed summary, explaining and outlining your financial need (athlete or parent completion).