What if i'm not a setter?

Setter College is not only designed for setters.  It is designed for players who want to learn the total game, regardless of position.  While a good setter must know the game, a talented player with intellect about the game is far more valuable.

what's the competition level like at each session?

Competition level can vary, but there is always a suitable level of competition for the players in their course.  Skill level matters less, though, what is most important is that our courses are filled with players who adamantly pursue their development and learning.  That is far more important to us than the competition level.

We find that the more experienced a player is, the more they benefit from Setter College because we break down the little details necessary to be successful at the highest level.  From the professional players, to college players, to high school players and youth that we've worked with, there is a consistency in that the players who come seeking the most development and mental tools, leave with the largest gains.

how do i know if i am good enough to attend setter college?

It is not about "good enough."  We get this question often, and if you enjoy the game, want to improve, and are dedicated to your improvement, then Setter College is right for you.  If you are not interested in getting better or learning the game, then Setter College is probably not right for you.

what if setter college courses are not close to where i live?

Something to think about is what is most important to you.  We've had players fly across the country, or prod a family member to drive them 9+ hours to attend our setter trainings.  We are always excited to see how far some players will travel to attend a course.  So, don't let distance be the reason that you don't intake this experience.  It's possible, so make it happen.

In the meantime, we are looking and working to add locations around the country and beyond for Setter College.

“"We brought our daughter, Lane, to California (from Michigan) to train with Setter College because we heard great things about the program. Setter College MORE than added to her existing knowledge and skills. Setter College teaches the game on a level that is "one-of-a-kind"! Well worth the investment of our time and money to travel all the way to CA!" -Marty Valley, Haslett, Michigan

how do i know it will be worth it?

There is risk involved with all ventures of success.  There are few examples that people can find where some level of risk was not involved before maximizing their potential.  Setter College is not a risk, though.  Players have only left with a greater understanding, and an enhanced knowledge of the game.  Have doubts?  Come to a Setter College course and find out.

i'd like to register, but id like to come with a teammate.  what should i do?

The more teammates who attend Setter College together, the more matches they are likely to win the following season.  So, go ahead and bring a teammate or multiple with you.  Yet, don't wait for your teammates to be convinced in order for you to register.  You want to make sure that your spot is reserved.  That is what leaders do.

If you are only comfortable attending camps with people you are familiar with, use this as an opportunity to improve and build your leadership.  Leaders lead.  If a teammate does decide to come with you, we offer a $25 off discount on tuition, per athlete.

will my course be co-ed?

Yes, it will.  Good volleyball is learned the same in both genders: attention to detail, desire to improve, and dedication to the learning process.  The men's and women's USA National Teams train in the same gym, so that great minds can be swirling all around each other.  That is the atmosphere we create at Setter College.  However, players are often separated on courts by gender.

what if i get injured prior to my session?

We recommend that you still attend.  The learning process mostly happens through visual and audio.  Our classroom sessions, and video sessions are the highlight of what makes Setter College different from standard volleyball camps.  As long as you bring your notebook, can listen, and can write, you will leave Setter College with a bunch of value.

Note:  If you decide not to attend your course due to an injury, our cancellation policy still applies.

what details can you provide if i'll be flying to a session?

You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the session if you are flying into a Setter College course.  We recommend Uber, Lyft, taxi, a family friend, or another Setter College course-taker as means for transportation to and from the airport.

We recommend flying in the morning of, if you have a course beginning after 9am.  We recommend flying in the night before if you have a course beginning before 9am.  

what if i want to cancel my registration?

Things come up.  We get it.  Setter College does not capitalize or benefit from players who must withdraw from a course.  If you cancel 90 DAYS before YOUR COURSE, you will receive a full Setter College credit for tuition fees.  There are no refunds for tuition fees if course is beginning within 90 days, however your money paid at registration will be placed towards underprivileged players.

NOTE:  In the unlikely event that Setter College cancels your course, a 100% refund of tuition fees will be provided.

as a parent, can i watch my athlete's course?

Parents are invited to join during the final session of the final day of the course.  We also invite parents to join for the opening registration on Day 1 and course Introduction.  These are the only times we permit parents to observe.  Ducking in and out of the gym and learning rooms can be distracting.  Parents can take their son/daughter for off-site meals during the week, if desired.

what if i can't afford setter college tuition fee?

If you are truly determined, you can make it happen, even if you are challenged financially.  Several players have done it.

If your parents are unable or unwilling to help you pay for the course, don't allow that to stop you from making it happen.  Players have been resourceful in the past in order to attend; washing cars, mowing lawns, walking dogs, babysitting, the list goes on.  Will you do what it takes to attend?

If you want to be successful in your sport or your endeavors, you will face challenges along the way.  The result will always be dependent on how you answer those challenges.  If you are in a financial bind, use this as an opportunity to show yourself you can rise to the occasion.

will you be adding any more sessions to the schedule?

Adding sessions once the Summer schedule is set is rare.  All new location information gets released to the Setter College following through email.  Get on our email list.