Attend a summer course as a coach

Come check out a knowledge - packed coaching experience in the USA

what to expect

At Setter College, you'll attend all classroom, video, and on court sessions of your course, the same as athletes.  You will have daily interactions with the course director and other like-minded coaches who attend.  The most information will come from meals together, post-session debriefs, and in-session huddles.

Coming to a summer course camp may seem unusual.  However, Setter College is not the usual volleyball experience.

benefits to be had

For over 35 hours in depth teaching at Setter College courses this summer, you will surely evolve as a coach.

Team cultures have consistently been accelerated for improvement and leadership mentality, and coaches leave enjoying their coaching roles while winning even more.

join us this summer

Join the many coaches who have learned from our teaching and style in player development.  This kind of interaction, and training of player development is not a widely spread offer.  Take advantage this summer.

Spending your summer accelerating your coaching behaviors and ideas for tons of ways to improve your teams will be the best decision you've made as a coach.